The following links to resources include both PDF downloadable files and where specified youtube video links.

The Merton Retreat 2000 – Transcription of the Merton Center Foundation newsletter from Spring / Fall 2000 reporting on the International Thomas Merton Retreat 2000: Spirituality & Leadership.  This retreat was led by Steven Wirth, creator of the Practice of Contemplative Dialogue, and used CD to facilitate this event that drew together a remarkable group of leaders from different backgrounds, cultures and nations. Originally appeared in Contemplation & Action: The Newsletter of the TMCF July 2000.

Hopeful signs for the future – This brief op-ed piece followed the International Merton Retreat 2000 and describes the process of Contemplative Dialogue in a general and accessible way.  It shares some of the hopeful insights and outcomes of the Retreat and the Public Forum.

Evaluative Studies of the Effectiveness of the Work – A rigorous evaluation conducted by third party researchers, ascertaining the effectiveness of Active Engagement / Contemplative Dialogue skills benefiting the work of staff within the Provincial Government of Alberta Canada.  Conducted by Dr. Phyllis Platt, Phd.

Videos prepared for the Provincial Government of Alberta Public Service.